Monday, December 07, 2020

The Marine Corps' stealth reduction in force (RIF) begins...


Marines whose jobs are going away as part of a force-wide reorganization that includes getting rid of tanks will get the option to leave the Corps earlier than planned.

Enlisted Marines and officers in tank-related military occupational specialties will be eligible for early-out programs, the service announced this week. The programs will allow those in four specialties to leave the Marine Corps early if they desire: armor Marines; senior-armor staff noncommissioned officers; main battle tank repairer/technicians; and tank officers.

The move is part of a 10-year force-wide redesign announced by Commandant Gen. David Berger earlier this year. The Marine Corps is folding its tank battalions and getting rid of the heavy-armor vehicles as it prepares for lighter, naval-based missions.


Don't be fooled.

Boatspaces are being sacrificed to pay for missiles.

The problem?

We were promised that this move would make the USMC distinct, would move us back to our "naval roots" and would make us an essential part of America's defense.

The reality?

Without amphibious assault the USMC provides NOTHING that other services can. Long range missile strikes from land toward naval targets? The US Army is doing that and if they decide to dedicate the 25th and 2nd ID to the Pacific will provide vastly more fires.  Forward basing?  The USAF announced that they're getting into that game.  Acting as the forward deployed "eyes" of the joint force?  SOCOM is about to elbow out the USMC from that mission.

Without amphibious assault the USMC duplicates the capabilities of others.

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