Saturday, December 05, 2020

This is why "stay at home orders" & mandatory business closures is getting so much pushback...

Dealing with this pandemic should be simple.  If stay at home orders and business closures are what it takes to make this thing go away then we should be all for it right?

But there is a twist to this thing.

Winners & losers.

Govt is picking winners and losers and its rightfully seen as unfair.  

Until politicians start doing what they're legislating.  Until govt stops picking winners and losers.  As long as this thing is being seen as unjust (hate to do it but how can protests be seen as justified actions and not spreaders of this disease but opening small businesses being lambasted) then you will have the political divide we're seeing.

The perfect example?

Ms. Pelosi first saying that we should welcome Chinese visitors, then demanding that we shut down the nation, then she goes to her hair stylists while denying other people the same right etc....and she's not alone in that.  The roll call of public officials putting in place draconian rules and then not following them is legion.

The problem?

A simple rule for them is life changing for the little guy/gal.

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