Saturday, December 19, 2020

Why not chase the bloat BEFORE you cut combat power?

 This is a quick hit.

I've been a critic of Berger's plan.  But let's ASSUME that its the perfect thing for a war against China in the Pacific.

It still leaves huge questions.

One of the many is this.  Why not chase down the bloat before you cut combat power?

I don't think anyone can deny that the Marine Corps has long left behind its roots of a streamlined outfit that is oriented toward combat.  There is so much bloat everywhere that slicing that away could occupy the entire term of a Commandant.

Yet no one is doing it.

No papers are being written to Proceedings talking about it.

It's just accepted now.

That's unsat.

Does anyone have any answers?  It can't come from the rank and file (I've been counseled that the power doesn't exist there) and the powers that be are benefited by the unnecessary positions created because of it.

Will it take a SecDef to get our house in order for us?  Could even he succeed against an entrenched bureaucracy?

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