Saturday, January 16, 2021

Breaking up domestic terror groups....US internal security just got their roadmap

 Been reading some of the comments on what comes next for the rioters in DC.  Many just don't seem to get it.  This is a huge win for domestic terror experts. They have their holy grail and a roadmap to trace the infrastructure of various groups. From racists, to anti-govt, to you name it, this thing just bust open the various webs, AND their supporters.

The idea isn't to actually deter the hardcore, actual criminal elements in them.  They're too far gone and you will either have to kill, arrest or have them on the run from prosecution.  They're true believers and you can't kill a semi-religious belief system.

The real target is their supporters.

The middle class person that has skin in the game, pay their taxes etc...When push comes to shove they will fold like a dollar bill.  Those are the types that are scared shitless of jail (and they should be...they'll be whored out so fast it'll make them dream of better days), don't want to be pennyless and living on the streets and are for all intents living a decent life but feel like they're being bashed by the system.

That's what makes the DC riot such an intel win for internal security agencies in the US.  Oh and it won't just stop at the riot for those folks.

The IRS, ATF, and a few other state agencies will be looking at them too.  If they have one line item wrong on their taxes, failed to register x, y or z in a certain state, ... you get the idea... then they're gonna get slobber knocked.

This crisis won't go to waste.  Scalps will be hung on the wall one way or another.

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