Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Decision time. To take the vaccine or not...

 Hey all.

Sorry for not posting but life ya know.  Anyway, got word that because of "the job" we are getting offered the vaccine.

To say that it was the cause of alot of discussion is an understatement.  A little background.  The vaccine is being offered to medical professionals in New York.  A state that was body slammed, curb stomped and almost put down like a rabid dog by the coronavirus in March of last year.

But ya know what?

I heard on the news that at least 30% of those medical pros are refusing to take it.

The crazy thing?

From an unofficial poll of my dept I'd say that 50% are saying no.

I'm conflicted.

I have serious concerns about the speed of development, whether or not it even works, the need for a vaccine when the lethality of this thing is in doubt (from a statistical perspective...every death is important...but that applies even without a pandemic raging!) and to be honest the long term implications of taking it vs fighting off the virus.

I just don't know.

So while I chew on this thing, I have to ask.  What are you guys gonna do when your time comes?

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