Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Here’s who’d win if an Airborne brigade fought a MEU...HINT! The old Marine Corps would win, the new Marine Corps I have my doubts...

 Note.  Readers were discussing this in comments so I decided to make a dedicated blog post on it.


The Alaskans wanted the base to act as an early-warning installation and a platform for controlling Arctic traffic while the Federal Forces needed it as a marshaling and power projection platform for the invasion of Alaska.

The soldiers and Marines raced to the island, each unaware of the other’s plans. 4th Brigade caught a ride from Alaskan Air National Guard C-17s while the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit rode in on their dedicated Navy ships, the USS Peleliu and the USS Germantown, from where they were already steaming in the northern Pacific.

The paratroopers arrived first, jumping into the grass and wildflowers covering Fort Glenn. After Army pathfinders walked the runway and declared it safe for airland operations, C-17s began ferrying the unit’s heavy equipment onto the base.

Go here for the full story.  

I love these fictional battles.  Old Skool Marines won the day (considering the weaponry used I think we can clearly use Berger's tenure as the line between old and new).  New Skool?  I think the paratroop boys would smash! 

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