Saturday, January 30, 2021

Hero Afghan interpreter who worked with British forces on the frontline is slain by the Taliban who boasted that he 'died like a dog'

via Daily Mail
A former Afghan translator who worked with British forces on the frontline has been assassinated by the Taliban, who boasted that he had 'died like a dog'.

Feda Mohammad, 42, was shot several times at point blank range after reportedly driving into an ambush in an area known for attacks by insurgents.

His devastated family said yesterday that he had been killed by gunmen in a 'revenge attack' because he had worked for Nato forces against the Taliban.


I have mixed feelings on this.

The Afghans and Iraqis should have been able to build an entire cadre of officers and NCOs by now.

Their govts should be taking the fight to the enemy.

One other thing.  Why is it that this is being characterized by him dying because he worked for allied forces instead of his own govt?

The cream of the crop in that society is seeking to come to the US, UK or Europe? Not to finally make their country work?

This is tragic on many levels.

The first is that this dude was murdered.

Another is the fact that this proves that war is lost.

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