Saturday, January 02, 2021

Interesting conversation on the characteristics of future war...if Rob Lee is right, we're screwed...

If Rob Lee is right then we're screwed.

I've noticed that's a recurring theme on military forums, blogs and Mil Twitter.  Everyone believes that "personal" communications discipline will be a killer.  Whoever gets it right will win, whoever does it wrong will die a horrible death.

My question to you.

Do you think that a simple order not to carry cell phones etc...into the field will work? You don't believe that some snot nosed PFC or 2nd LT won't sneak one in his gear so he can TikTok events to the world?

Oh and don't think that a simple search of gear will keep it out either.  I've seen some weird shit smuggled so cell phones will be easy.

The answer?

We have to plan on a breakdown in discipline.  We have to expect non-compliance. Which means we need a solution to render them non-effective in the field. 


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