Tuesday, January 12, 2021

New video is coming out on the riot in DC. It's ugly as fuck ya'll...


New video is coming out on the riot in DC.

What happened in OUR NATION'S CAPITOL is UGLY AS FUCK!!  You can't wish this away.  You can't find some type of moral equivalency with the shit that was happening in cities around the nation.

This is our capitol.  The seat of our nation's legislature.

It's crazy.

It's third world.

Whoever participated needs to be charged to the full extent of the law.  Oh and they were yelling USA while doing it.  

They stole Police Officers shields and were using them against them.


I have no doubt after watching some of these videos that they would have killed and captured Congressmen if they had gotten the chance.

Long story short?

Congress Critters were in real deal danger.

I questioned whether this rose to the level of sedition in an earlier blog post. 

I got my answer.


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