Saturday, January 16, 2021

Riots in DC not enough to get your attention? Wait till Trump pardons himself!

 Monitoring the news before I hit the gym and what do I see?  The talking heads are discussing rumors of Trump pardoning himself.

He's been impeached for a second time.

I'm not sure the Senate will protect him from the charges (saw the video...technically he didn't call for riots BUT it can be implied) although conviction will be a sticky thing.

So what if he does pardon himself?

First thing that comes to mind is that DC will be in an uproar, the public will be trying to get on with life and the news media will be going batshit crazy.

Second thing that comes to mind is that Biden's first 100 days will be completely trashed.

Third thing is that if he pardons himself AND everyone that entered the capitol then we're fucked politically for the rest of the year.

2020 was bad. 2021 will be worse.

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