Thursday, January 28, 2021

The narrative around the DC riot is turning from bad to terrible to down right outrageous...if you're reasonable and looking at it without agenda...


Before anyone jumps in and calls AOC a socialist let me just say this.

1.  She clearly feared for her life.

2.  I'm just not buying the idea that white supremacists weren't in those protests.

3.  It's obvious by the arrests so far that there was indeed the intent to disrupt the electoral count.

4.  If it was the exact opposite (meaning Trump had won and Biden supporters stormed the capitol) then we'd be seeing calls for military action against the rioters.

5.  Why is this so contentious?  Why is this even for debate in our society today? Are people that dug into positions that they can't see the obvious here?

If you leave your agenda behind and ATTEMPT to be reasonable then you know this riot is a serious threat to the security of our nation.

A mob did this damage.

What could a well trained terror squad looking to stack bodies do? 

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