Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Steele dossier is nothing but an umitigated fraud on the American people and EVERYONE knew it...

 via Epoch Times

Declassified notes of the FBI’s interview with former British spy Christopher Steele show that he betrayed the FBI by leaking to the media at the direction of his client, Hillary Clinton, because the FBI had reopened the investigation into Clinton’s use of an unauthorized private email server to conduct government work.

Just the News obtained and published on Jan. 19 the summary of the debriefing (pdf) and a transcript of the handwritten notes taken by an agent who interviewed Steele in London on Sept. 18 and 19, 2017.

During the first hour of the interview on the first day, Steele was accompanied by his partner from Orbis Business Intelligence, Chris Burrows. Steele and Burrows apologized to the agents for leaking their dossier on President Donald Trump to the media. They decided to go ahead with the leak because then-FBI Director James Comey reopened the Clinton-email investigation. Hilary Clinton was Steele’s client for the dossier.

“STEELE explained that as the election season went on, they as the company were ‘riding two horses’—their client and the FBI—and after FBI Director James COMEY’s reopening of the Hillary Clinton investigation, they had to pick ‘one horse’ and chose the business/client relationship over the relationship with the FBI,” the document states. “They followed what their client wanted, and they spoke to the press.”


Read the entire article.  It just gets worse. 

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