Thursday, January 21, 2021

The UK is gonna operate with the US Navy in the Pacific? How does their small fleet justify such a mission?

I won't even debate what I consider the insanity of USMC F-35's operating from the QE.  We already have EXCESS platforms for the F-35 to operate from, I won't touch sovereignty issues and warfighting is gonna be problematic IF an incident occurs and the Brits decide they want to sit it out.

I'm gonna hit it from the other direction.

Does it make sense for the Brits to operate so far from home in a region where they arguably don't have any interests?

Let's be actual and factual.

IF RUSSIA IS THE THREAT that the national security establishment says it is.

IF THE USMC/USN is gonna be laser focused on the Pacific, then doesn't it make more sense for our alliance IF the Brits were laser focused on the North Atlantic so that we can swing more of our forces to our major concern?

Additionally with the Cavour coming to the US for trials with the F-35 does that mean that we're gonna be putting Marine Corps planes on its deck too?  At what point does it stop?

Not only do we augment their continental defense but we also provide aircraft for their ships?

Back on task.

What do the Brits get out of operating in the Pacific and does it make sense?

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