Friday, January 15, 2021

We have been served a warning about our communication on social media...

 via Newsweek

...former Ohio police officer threatened to carry out violence at the U.S. Capitol ahead of the pro-Trump rally that turned into a riot, writing "about a lot of bloodshed" on Facebook, according to police.

Shannon Badgett, 53, was charged with communicating a written threat to conduct a mass shooting or act of terrorism on Wednesday. Haines City Police said he had been arrested in Florida two days earlier, after one of his social media contacts reported his messages.

In the Facebook posts, Badgett wrote that he would be heading to D.C. "unless President Trump calls for martial law," the Associated Press reported.

"Going to be a target rich environment," he is alleged to have written, before adding "Pew. Pew. Pew," which police said was an imitation of gunshots.


I've been monitoring talk on the FAR right about censorship by the big media/mega corporations.

I think they have a few points.  Trump is censored but the Ayatollah isn't?  Trump is banned but the Chinese leadership is given free reign? Weird and smacks of being wrong as FUCK!


We can debate that issue all we want.  The whole thing will eventually be decided in court.  What isn't being debated is what is happening to little people.

Did you know that a couple of people that participated in the riot went home and committed suicide?  Did you know that what is being written in social media is now being used to arrest people for threats?

Badgett is an example for us all.  Me included.  The game has changed.  Talking shit on the internet will get attention.  If you're considered capable of actually performing a feat that you communicate then you could get a knock on the door.

Message received on this end.  I think its time to chill the fuck out. I don't need the boys on the other side of Quantico coming down to my part of the world to say hi.

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