Monday, January 18, 2021

Wow. This is a stressor we don't need right now...Massive caravan of Honduran migrants fights Guatemalan troops on journey to US border


Everyone says that immigration is a net plus but at what point does it become back breaking?  I don't mean to sound calous but we can't support the entire population of this planet.

This is damn near a small town about to hit our borders.  A few of these a year and you're talking big numbers of new arrivals.

Biden will have to navigate this carefully.  If he is "law and order" then he alienates his base.  If he is liberal then he will encourage a massive flood.

Add to it the current issues with coronavirus, a slowing economy etc...and he's gonna be in a hurt locker.  My guess is he has about 6 months to a year to continue to blame Trump before it becomes his baby and his alone.

This will be interesting in a bad way. 

Side note.  How does 9K plus people suddenly decide to walk to America at the same time?

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