Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall Of An Empire | BBC Documentary

 Note.  I'm posting a few vids on the rise and fall of empires.  I did Sparta first because from my seat it kinda mirrors what I see in the American military.  I'm doing Rome today because I'm trying to see if there is a chance to halt the fall and reverse course (while taking lessons from the past).  One thing disturbs me. Forward basing and the cult behind it.  Doesn't it remind you of outposts on the frontier that the Roman's maintained to show their "flag"? I don't see how it can be maintained and I don't see the utility.  Quite honestly I'm to the point of believing we're actually defending Chinese interests and trade routes!  Pulling back and forcing them to do that heavy lifting would in the short term cost us but in the long term would (in my opinion...still developing) put them in the position of being slowly bled much like we've been.  Anyway check out the video.

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