Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Berger talks Force Design 2030 and he's just as fuzzy as ever.

 Read the entire article but trust and believe me when I tell you its filled with buzzwords, lack of specific and filled with holes in logic.  I'm popping this portion out as an example, but I repeat.  Read the entire article!

Improved sensors are second on Berger’s list. He envisioned a kind of sensor warfare where the Corps and its adversaries were constantly attacking each other’s ability to do surveillance.

“I think there's no question that global sensors are going to proliferate. They're also going to be threatened. So we're going to find ourselves in a fight for surveillance of the other side. They are as well. Both of us are going to try to deny each other sensors,” Berger said.

The Marine Corps needs a new unmanned aerial vehicle to perform reconnaissance missions, he noted. 

"We're moving towards a medium-altitude, long-endurance capability that are truly the eyes and ears forward, where the standing force is going to operate,” he said.

“I know there are counterpoints about that [suggesting] those platforms are not going to be survivable in a high-end fight. I understand all of that. The fact of the matter is you need sensors forward,” Berger said.

Third on his list is the Light Amphibious Warship, which is in the early stages of development.

‘We need vessels on the water that allow us to move from an operational to tactical environment. Things like the Light Amphibious Warship. We don't have that right now at all. We have L-class ships and then we have connectors. We need the things in the middle,” Berger said.

So we need sensors even if they're not survivable while operating within the enemies engagement zone?  We need something between landing craft and L-Class ships THAT WILL operate within the enemies engagement zone even though they're almost unarmed and not survivable?

Dude is flailing.

His concept is failing.

I don't know if he's actually thought this thing thru...especially in light of the rape of the defense budget.

All the work done by Marines that have gone before is gonna be undone.  I predict that he will DEFINITELY leave the Marine Corps in worse shape than when he found it. 

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