Sunday, February 14, 2021

Fight Now: III MEF's Warfighting Concept


Watch the entire video.

One thing kinda has me spinning on this.  They're trying so hard to wed themselves to the past...the Marine Corps is America's Crisis Response Force...when in reality it appears that the new Marine Corps will not be capable of performing that mission.

Watch that video and you'll see a ton of naval aviator wings, you'll hear talk of HIMARS, you'll see even an emphasis on logistics.

They pay homage to the "individual Marine" being important.  But never once do you hear "every Marine a rifleman".

You see a few clips of AAVs but like I've said before they don't appear to fit with this new concept.  

As much as I dislike the cutting of tanks, at least it was relatively quick.  They should do the same with the rest of the force.

No long goodbyes just a quick culling.

Make a clean break with the past and chart this new course with this new Marine Corps.

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