Sunday, February 28, 2021

Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf Praises Marine Corps press forward to 2030 and what would he say?

Fast forward to 2030 and what would he say?

US Army combat engineers were magnificent in breaching the enemy barriers for the Marines.

US Army tanks provided outstanding firesupport for their light armored vehicles and the transportation of their forces by Army mech in Bradleys and Strykers were key to the speed of their assault.

The Marines did put up an impressive amount of fire in the form of MLRS but was heavily augmented by Army artillery cannons, MLRS and ATAMS which had much more staying power.

Marine Air did yeoman's work in providing rides to SOCOM, the 101st and 82nd for their deep air assault into enemy territory and Army aviation was happy to have them along to help.

But it was mainly in the role of logistics in which I want to sing the praises of the Marine Corps.  The EABO really kept our units supplied and on the move.  The Marine Corps might not have had much of a role in the actual assault but they along with transportation command really were key enablers in this US Army/Allied Force assault.

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