Friday, February 12, 2021

Politics Talk. Trump Impeachment - the defense strikes back

 Just a few thoughts on the Trump Impeachment - the defense.

I've been impressed.  It was rugged and raw but they juxtaposed the talk of Democrat leaders during the riots with what Trump said on Jan 6.

To say that it was chilling is an understatement.

Make no mistake.  I've never defended the riots during the summer (I DID DEFEND the protests...there is a difference for all the "heil hitlers" in the crowd). But to see what leading democrats were saying was eye opening.

Additionally the storming of the capitol is a special kind of evil.  Burning cities is bad, but in my opinion storming the seat of our nation is worse.

We'll see what we'll see.  I'll be monitoring the rest of this thing.

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