Saturday, February 27, 2021

Public Safety Rescue Vehicle 3 (PSR3)


Rioting in the US last year resulted in damages estimated in excess of $2 Billion, affecting over 100 American cities, injuring thousands, and leading to the death of nearly two dozen people.  A new public safety vehicle is designed to address the vulnerabilities that the rioting exposed while providing complete transparency of operations required in modern policing.


The Public Safety Rescue Vehicle 3 (PSR3) developed by RUA Dynamics combines the armored protection of a SWAT vehicle, the technology systems of a command-and-control vehicle, and standalone fire suppression capabilities.


The platform is the next generation of rescue vehicles and is specifically designed for law enforcement. In sharp contrast to military vehicles that have been retrofitted for police and SWAT use, the PSR3 is a complete less-lethal vehicle system with incident response technology package included.


The vehicle has been built from the ground up to be an all-encompassing less-lethal public safety rescue vehicle designed with modern policing needs in mind, according to the company’s announcement. 


The vehicle is equipped with a connected Fleet App for Command and Control.

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