Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The USMC is shedding/changing for the sea battle. What is the US Navy doing?


The USMC is going thru all kinds of gyrations, putting together a twisted and misaligned force structure all in order to support the sea battle.


I get it.  

The US Navy is outnumbered, battle simulations show the US getting slobber knocked and the USMC obviously must twist itself to pieces in order to help that fight (never mind all the talk of partnership with our allies and other talking points that showed we would fight WITH assistance instead of alone).

So with that being the case what exactly is the US Navy doing to gear up for this big fight?

We see them establishing new fleets aimed at an almost non-existent Russian Navy.

They're chasing pirates off the coast of Africa instead of doing like the Marine Corps and tailoring themselves to win in one region against one foe.

They're pushing for more ships of all types instead of tailoring a force that will win in 2030 while the USMC is cutting artillery, infantry, tanks and other forces.

From my chair they're not doing much.

Side note.  I maintain my prediction that a big fight with China will be in Africa, not in the Pacific.  But I have a new prediction that will happen much sooner. I'd bet good money that before long we'll see the Chinese fleet making port in Argentina and sailing inside the Gulf of Mexico...hell probably even off the coast of California.  What will we do then?  What will we do when they suddenly become a global military power with global reach plus ambitions?  I mean seriously!  We're in their backyard and if I were Chinese I'd want to share the pain by sailing their fleet in ours.

So can a reader point to an initiative that shows how the Navy is aligning their force for this Chinese threat?  I hope so.  Cause I can't see it.

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