Monday, February 22, 2021

US Army puts on EDGE21 — Experimentation Demonstration Gateway Event 2021 ... USMC F-35's invited...everything else will be organic Army (82nd long range Air Assault)...


via Breaking Defense

Marine Corps F-35B Joint Strike Fighters will also fly in EDGE21, Rugen told me. The stealth jets played an intriguing role in Project Convergence last fall, passing targeting data to and from Army forces – but the Marine pilots were a late addition to the Army-run exercise, and their participation was limited. This time, the Marines were part of the plan for EDGE21 from the beginning, Rugen said, and “there’s far more breadth and depth to the task we’re asking them to do, [with] much greater collaboration on joint kill chains.”

Ground forces will participate as well. Besides Special Operations teams (which he wouldn’t discuss in any detail), Rugen said, the commander of the 82nd Airborne Division – the Army’s rapid-response force, which has been experimenting extensively with artificial intelligence – will bring his tactical command post (TAC) and coordinate key parts of the operation. (This streamlined HQ element isn’t the same as bringing the full-up division Tactical Operations Center, or TOC, which is a notoriously big target).


The US Army is coming to drink the Marine Corps' milkshake.  It's their exercise so I get it.  But this should be alarming to Marine Corps supporters. This capability will be tailorable with ease to the Pacific...all while keeping their force capable of fighting in every "clime and place".

Meanwhile the Marine Corps is becoming a one foe, one region force.

Marine Tanks got cut and I said nothing.

Marine Engineers got cut and I said nothing.

Marine helos got cut and I said nothing.

Marine cannons got cut and I said nothing.

Marine Ground got eliminated and there was no one to speak for me...not even the Commandant cared.

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