Friday, February 05, 2021

USMC seeking re-engineered/re-engined V-22...looks like they have V-280 envy!


This is so obvious.  The USMC is looking at the V-280 and trying to make an end run to the future medium lift variant.  I'm betting they're looking at bigger engines and the tilt mechanism from the V-280 and will be happy as hell.

I wonder if its as simple to do as it is to say.  Regardless Bell just got a HUGE boost with this announcement.  Of course the 800 pound wrecking ball in the room is the budget.  Where will Berger get the money?  If this becomes priority then you can bet that even more of the ground force will be sacrificed on the altar of "naval integration".

Aviation is now supreme.  Everything else has died to support it.  The F-35/MV-22/CH-53K all killed the Marine Corps as we know it.

We're now onto Marine Corps 2.0.  I just wish they'd dump the name while they're rebranding making everything else.  Missile/Aviation Marines has a nice ring for the new breed. 

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