Thursday, March 18, 2021

2020 was bad. 2021 will be worse. Get ready for a crisis with Iran soon...


Things are about to get dicey in the Middle East folks.  I've been predicting that long simmering regional war will turn hot and we seem to be on the brink of it.

I didn't do a post on it but the Israeli Defense Force leaked that they were updating plans for a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.

Greece and Saudi Arabia have just conducted aerial exercises over Cyprus.

The Houthis are pounding the Saudis like a piece of cold meat.

And now?

Now the Iranians are expanding their nuclear sites and enriching uranium again.

Any guesses when?

I'm thinking late summer.  Don't know why it just feels right.  The Israelis won't wait long and Biden doesn't seem to have a relationship with their leadership so he probably won't be able to back them off.

The thing that puts it all in doubt is the threat of international sanctions.  Gonna be hard to pull that off (sanctions) for a strike on Iran so if we see some activity from the Occupied Territories that would signal that the Iranians are scared and want to up the outrage meter.  If Israel goes crazy on the Palestinians then the world (especially with a Democrat US President) will sanction the hell outta them. Strikes on Iran without the Palestinians to hide behind?  Alot tougher especially with the hawks in America. 

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