Friday, March 12, 2021

A bloody battle over a tiny island

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On the morning of March 2, 1969, Soviet border guards set out to confront 30 Chinese soldiers who were heading toward Zhenbao Island, a small islet on the Ussuri River between China and the Soviet Union.

Control of the island was disputed, but this didn't seem like a particularly unusual event, as thousands of incidents had occurred all along the Sino-Soviet border since 1964. While many resulted in brawls, including some at Zhenbao, few involved deadly force.

This time, however, it was a trap.

As the Soviet force - which included 60 men, two BTR armored personnel carriers (APCs), a truck, and a car - approached the island on the frozen river, the Chinese troops, joined by 300 soldiers who snuck onto the island the night before, opened fire.

Seven Soviet border guards, including their commander, were killed immediately. An intense two-hour firefight erupted, involving mortars, artillery, and anti-tank weapons.

Reinforcements rushed in, and when the fighting ceased, 31 Soviets were dead, 14 were wounded, and one BTR was destroyed. The Soviets claimed to have killed over 200 Chinese soldiers, and both sides retreated to their territory.

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Kinda reminds you of what's happening between China and India now doesn't it?

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