Monday, March 29, 2021

Covid 19 Vaccination Passport inside the USA?


OK. This is turning interesting.

From my seat we've seen a generation kill.  Alot of "older" folks that stayed on the playing field long past their due date were eradicated by this virus (but even there let's be actual and factual...alot of unpleasant truths in my opinion were left out...if you were elderly, or were obese with underlying conditions then you were vulnerable).

It's from that corner along with a bunch of hysterical news reporting that got this thing going so hard and for so long (another thing I wonder about are the psychological effects this has had on society...the riots and such I believe were a product of the lockdowns).

Is this out of necessity, another measure of control, a means to get to herd immunity (assuming that I'm completely wrong) or is it necessary to safeguard the public?

Regardless we're gonna have a HUGE price to pay with these lockdowns.  The developmental stagnation young children have faced this year will see blowback for generations.

I predict we're gonna see what we consider some unusual adults in a few years.

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