Thursday, March 11, 2021

I saw and got a chance to do a walk around of a JLTV. The beast is freaking huge!



How many of you saw the pics of the JLTV and assumed that it was just a bit bigger than a Humvee but not dramatically bigger?

The answer for me is yeah...I believed that.

Then yesterday happened.  I was doing the thing and came across a convoy, was able to talk to a couple of Army Dawgs and they let me get up close and personal. Didn't ask to take pics cause they were on rotation and I didn't want to put stress on them (JRTC cadre has been kicking ass and even sent the 101st home in tears so the pressure is on when they come to my neck of the woods).

Back on task.

How big is the JLTV?

Quite honestly its approaching the size of those FMTVs!

I mentioned that fact and I don't know if those Soldiers were just fucking with me but they stated that they believe the JLTV could actually tow as much or MORE than the FMTV if they added a bed and some wheels.

Why did I say all that?

I get it now.

Its crazy as hell but I get Rogue Fires.  It may not be as batshit crazy as I thought.  Still not sure about robotic vehicles and maybe driving it to position and then operating the missile system remotely might be a better idea but the basics are sound.

The JLTV actually might be able to flex into different combat roles.

Its a beast of a vehicle.  Full on combat?  Probably not but in accordance with Berger's Missile Marine force?  Yeah it will probably do.

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