Friday, March 05, 2021

Is the "ESK MUNGO" the light airborne vehicle the new Marine Corps is looking for?

Is the ESK Mungo the light airborne vehicle the New Marine Corps is looking for? I tend to think so. Close combat is off the table so armored protection isn't necessary. Its internally transportable inside the CH-53D so carriage inside the CH-53K should be no problem. It can carry an adequate number of Marines (considering its size) and best of all it has an almost tiny foot print. Forget the JLTV, switch to the Mungo! The Germans would be thrilled, it would solidify the message that long range naval combat is the new "hotness" and they're probably cheap by US military standards. I don't agree with the concept but if its gonna go forward then fully commit and buy vehicles that fit the bill. The Mongo fits perfectly.

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