Friday, March 26, 2021

Jesus. The US Army is gonna mirror USMC capabilities in the Pacific and remain a force capable of scaling up and down the spectrum of combat in other theaters...

 via Stars and Stripes.

The Army will establish “resilient webs of communication, protection, and sustainment” through new approaches in posturing units, equipment and personnel “to rapidly close with our enemies in the first battle and win from the outset,” the paper said.

“The Joint Force must move away from synchronizing sustainment using archaic structures that are time and manpower intensive,” the paper said. “By 2035, sustainment nodes will be survivable and capable of rapidly moving logistics to enable the Joint Force.”

The Army’s “inside” land-based force will “maneuver rapidly, aggregating and dispersing as required” as a “low-signature” force, the paper said.

Units will have broad fronts and rarely secured flanks as they engage in “compartmented” battles without the benefit of air and naval superiority, the paper said.

That sounds like its straight out the halls of Quantico.  But wait it gets better.

 The transformation affects the Army worldwide, but the paper regards the Indo-Pacific region as the most imminent challenge.

Story here. 

Just plain wow.

The US Army is slamming into the party in the Pacific, will do what the Marine Corps aims to do (only on a much bigger scale) and will still maintain the ability to fight in other climes and places.

My prediction of them converting the 25th ID and 2nd ID into America's land based chosen force is happening right in front of us.

Plus they're hedging their bets.

If they're wrong they'll still be able to provide the nation with a credible force that's able to fight in the desert, mountains, arctic, forests etc...on every continent.

They'll have more anti-ship missiles.  More anti-tank missiles.  More anti-air missiles (much more capable too). They'll have a maritime strike capability added to their AH-64's and probably their UAVs too.

They'll be fully integrated with the Navy and Air Force.

They'll become the force that the nation needs and perhaps more importantly the force the nation wants.

The Army once had a long straw and were trying to drink our milkshake.


We just pushed our glass over to them and said drink up.

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