Thursday, March 25, 2021

My questions to the Commandant (I hope Marine Corps Public Affairs is watching!)

I have questions for the Commandant.

Let's get it started and burn thru this thing.  Starting with...

WHAT IF YOU'RE WRONG!  What if the Chinese or another pop up war, happens in a different part of the planet, that isn't close to the water and requires a "whole of the Pentagon" approach to win it?

Can the force you are crafting fight another Desert Storm if called upon?  Would it be useful if the fight in Afghanistan drags on for another 10 years?

How can you claim that this plan will safeguard the future of the Marine Corps when the Army WILL BE ABLE TO DO EVERYTHING THE MARINE CORPS CAN (perhaps even better if the V-280 delivers on its promise) only on steroids.

Why would America need a Marine Corps?  Why will it need the Marine Corps you're building?

Can you sense that your organization is adrift at this moment?  Do you really think that you're gonna be able to leave the Marine Corps in better shape than you found it?

Do you not see the yanks and banks the past Commandants (to include yourself) have taken us thru?

Are you that convinced that the computer simulations you ran are so accurate and your reading of the future so clear that the MANY risks you're taking is worthwhile?

There is a ton more.

He won't answer me.  I get that and I'm not even pissed.  But he needs to climb out of the foxhole he has dug behind his desk and start addressing the Marines, the Media and the Country on why his RADICAL change is a good thing for America and the Corps.

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