Saturday, March 27, 2021

Personal Story...Got caught slipping...Gotta train harder....

Personal story.

It's my long weekend off after a bear of a week.  I work 12's and I've been at it for 7 days straight.  No big deal in the grand scheme of things but dealing with various personalities and other stuff (not worth getting into) makes it kinda irksome.

First day off and I sleep and lounge all day.  It gets late and I decide to hit a late night work out.  No big deal right?  Hit the gym, its empty so I'm happy as hell.  Get in a good burn, feeling great and its time to jet out.

Zooming to the house I decide to stop by a convenience store to get some protein (you know the kind already mixed in the little bottle).  Cool going in.  Know the guy behind the counter and he's nice as usual, give the greeting of the day and I return it.

In the back of the store and heading to the counter when I look outside and I see the usual.

A couple of bangers riding low, with enough smoke coming out the car to make me think it might be on fire (of course I know better....they're getting smoked out on either weed, crack or mojo).

Still cool.  I pack going to the gym so I'm not stressing. 

Head out to the truck, pass by the fucks, we're eyeballing each other and I'm still not tripping.  I guess we all have a tell cause I get clocked for being some type of law enforcement or military all the time.  They're both big in my area so no worries.


Then one of the fucks says "hey man" thanks.  I look the bastard in the eye and I remember.  I had a "ROBUST" encounter with the fucker last summer.

I'm going straight to red at this point.  And I'm feeling myself getting amped up for the fight.

I'm hitting him with THANKS FOR WHAT!?!?!?

Then the motherfucker says thanks for getting me straight.

I'm still in full blown red at this point.  Cool.  I tell him be well.  But I'm curious.  What did I get you straight on?  I ain't fighting ya'll no more he says.  Anybody else would probably have killed me he continues.  You just wrestled me down.  I appreciate it.

You're probably thinking that's good to go.

I don't.

I didn't remember the fucker and ignored the warning my body was sending.

Never again.

Listen to that voice.  Train harder.  That's my thing even more than before....

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