Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The future for Marine Corps Infantry? Perimeter Security for artillery & sitting on the ship while SOCOM conducts raids...

 via Military Times.

“Historically we had what’s called direct support ― artillery supported the infantry as they secured an objective,” Col. Michael Roach, commander of 12th Marines, told Marine Corps Times. “In this case we were the supported force, so in both exercises an infantry unit was attached to the artillery unit, so that’s a change. We had artillery officers as mission commanders for infantry forces.”


 The new strategy de-emphasizes the infantry while putting the priority on whatever the Navy needs from the Marine Corps to complete its mission.


 “This event illustrated how Special Operations Forces capabilities can support the rapid deployment of 3d Marine Division’s long-range precision fires platforms into austere or remote locations,” Army Lt. Col. Erik Davis said in the release.

The special forces were not the only units to aid the exercises.

Soldiers and airmen from Army’s I Corps Multi-Domain Task Force, 25th Infantry Division, 1st Air Defense Artillery Regiment and 8th Theater Sustainment Command, were all involved, a press release said.

Story here. 

Face it boys and girls.

The only thing the Marine Corps actually brought to this fight was its rocket artillery.

The cannons were just for show.

The infantry?  If this clown show of a concept is actually brought into reality it exists on a single point of failure.

They better pray to God that they actually are stealthy and that the Chinese don't detect them.  If they do then they're dead.

The Infantry?

Just to shut people up like me that are howling about this non-sense.

As for the other actors in this pathetic drama?

Special Forces and Recon are going to neutralize the enemy forces?  This ain't Afghanistan and despite over 20 years of anti-terror ops one thing remains the same.

Special Operation Forces are vulnerable to conventional forces.

Even worse?

They'll be  detected.

They'll be bombarded, attacked by airborne, sea borne and long range missiles. Then the enemy will conduct a deliberate attack on these forces and destroy them in place.

Scratch on Littoral Regiment from the face of the planet along with those poor bastards that are pulling perimeter security only able to maybe stop an IFV but suffering shock effects from enemy MBTs swarming thru their perimeter.

I hope they have their swim quals up cause that little tramp steamer they'll sail in on will be the first thing to be micro fragmented.

Even if it works there is something else.

Everything the so called Navy-Marine Corps team is doing, the USAF/Army team can do too.

The Marine Corps just conceptualized itself out of existence.

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