Friday, March 26, 2021

USMC Air Wing. Transport for US Army Special Forces... USMC Ground Forces. Perimeter security for missiles...

Drink in the future of the Marine Corps. The EABO is a logistics point for the warfighters in the Army, Air Force and Navy. Marine Corps ground forces provide perimeter security for missiles and the wing provides transport for Army Special Forces and Infantry. The USMC is becoming a pure logistics force with a missile firing capability. The Marine Corps as we've known it is dying. Not quite dead but Berger has at least two more years and he's moving fast....Amphibious Assault is already dead.  The MAGTF is already dead.  When the next budget comes out and the terrible 20's hit full force the next thing to die will be end strength.  I'm calling it now.  The USMC will drop to just over 100K by 2030 (probably much much sooner).  It only makes sense.  Personnel costs are the biggest expense our force faces.  NOTE!  We're not seeing any reduction in Commands, Joint Billets etc.  That will come at the end and that's when Generals will finally speak up.  If things were done properly in the DoD, the Marine Corps would lose its seat on the JCS now!  We've become an auxiliary to the US Navy.

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