Sunday, April 11, 2021

A minor bit of drama in Marine-land...


This thing hit Reddit!

Anyway this is being passed around and this SgtMaj supposedly was going thru a Marine's house (off base) and the devil dawg has posted this as a WTF!  You can't do that shit kinda thing.

The back story (from Reddit) is that they were concerned about the Marine and went to his house to check on him.

What's left unsaid?

A whole helluva lot.

It's weird.

The Marine Corps is trying to become more like America when America does not need the Marine Corps to become more like it!

Am I talking about the skin heads and racists that are found in it?  Nope.  Am I talking about the wanna be rap stars, country music singers that decide to put on concerts at night?

Naw none of that.  But it is supposed to be the most "rigorous" of the services and trying to be politically correct does not fit with the old Marine Corps values.

This is gonna be a rough time.

A few old skool Marines still exist.

It might be better to case the colors and reform it as the Missile Marines.  Old skool leadership (if the stated reason is because they were concerned about the Marine is true then this guy is gold although he'll probably get his dick smashed anyway) as this SgtMaj demonstrated just don't fit with this new Corps.

Just a short while ago this wouldn't have even made it out of the unit much less onto the internet.

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