Saturday, April 24, 2021

Basic Recovery After Attack training

U.S. Marines with the Damage Assessment Team assigned to Marine Wing Support Squadron (MWSS) 172 inspect for simulated runway damage while conducting a Basic Recovery After Attack (BRAAT) training event during a Marine Corps combat readiness evaluation (MCCRE) held by MWSS-172 on Ie Shima training facility, Okinawa, Japan, April 16, 2021. The MCCRE creates a challenging, realistic training environment that produces combat-ready forces capable of operating as a deployed unit at any time. 

Thought the EABOs would survive by not being detected. If so then this skill is irrelevant. 

If it is necessary then how the fuck are Marines gonna survive to repair an airfield after a Chinese bombardment? 

Additionally they might want to consider adding EOD to the mix. I bet those missiles will be followed up with missiles containing anti-personnel bomblets/mines.

The biggest winner in Berger's Folly?  The wing.  Missile artillery.  Logistics. The main problem?

The USMC will no longer be a warfighting organization.  It can't conduct amphibious assaults within the enemies engagement zone but it can LIVE there? Batshit crazy thinking.

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