Monday, April 19, 2021

Hypothetical thought. Is the USA spoiling for a war with China now rather than later?

Hypothetical question.

Is the USA spoiling for a war with China now rather than later?

I have to wonder.

Have you been keeping up with the op-tempo in the Pacific?  We saw the same thing in Europe (I believe) for political reasons when it appeared that we saw Russia as the big bad (for political reasons).

We saw the same in the Middle East for various reasons.  Between "sending a message" to Iran, to backing the Saudis in their mis-adventure against the Houthis to the fight in N. Africa that the French are leading...the regional war in the Middle East and N. Africa has been simmering, near boiling, for a while so that explains that.

But this stuff in the Pacific.

That's kinda unusual.

Two things.

First we had the Commandant of the Marine Corps AND the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force write an op-ed and (I believe) testify before Congress about pulling back power from Combatant Commanders with regard to request for units.

The issue?  Ops-tempo.

Next we see the actions like the one above that Tyler is highlighting.  Between that, almost constant exercises by the Marine Corps (they're going hog wild with this point they're going to greatly eclipse what was done last year if my back of the napkin count is right), add in what Japan is doing, Australia and a few others not to mention the Chinese and it almost looks like the region is on a war footing.

I don't know if you keep up with Chinese media but they've been talking about provocative actions and how the US should show restraint.

You consider that the usual stuff?

Normally I would too.  But this time they might have a point which is why I ask the question.

Also consider this.

Supposedly war game projected outcomes are what's causing a dramatic change to the very character of the Marines.

They're morphing into something that NO ONE ALIVE or DEAD has every seen from the Marines.

Add to that the timetable for full implementation of this concept has been pushed up from 2030 to 2023.

The US Army is on the same trajectory.

Did those wargames indicate that 2030 would see us eclipsed?  Did they show a pyrrhic victory now and a complete defeat later? Could someone, somewhere decide that if the fight is coming, better to do it now rather than later?

What say you?

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