Tuesday, April 27, 2021

I told you people LAR was dead...plus a few other mind blowing changes coming to the Missile Marines...

The arrogance of the current Commandant is breathtaking.  The tribe is restless, he knows that his moves are not only controversial, unpopular and confusing...but despite all that he is rushing to enshrine his views on the Marine Corps for a generation.  He will make sure the organization is so broken that it can't be easily repaired.  This quote is breathtaking...

 “We will succeed, and we will create irreversible momentum with our modernization efforts over the next 24 months,” Commandant Gen. David Berger wrote in the document’s introduction.

Onto the rest of the story.

via Marine Times

The document specifics that Marines have “invalidated the requirement to replace existing LAV-25s with a similar armored, wheeled or tracked manned vehicle in a one-for-one ratio.”

Sorry LAR.

You just got the tanks treatment.  You're deader than disco.  The army wants some Stryker crewmen so you have a home to go to.

 Major moves on the aviation side have already been announced, such as trimming the number of light, heavy and tilt-rotor helicopter squadrons and moving toward a 40 percent crewed and 60 percent uncrewed aircraft composition.

The wing tried to reinvent the Corps into an "Air Centric" force.  Instead they've become almost as irrelevant as 99 percent of the Ground Combat Element they were seeking to kill.  Marine Air Ground Task Force?  That shit is dead.  It no longer exists...just like the Marine Corps for all practical purposes no longer exists once this plan goes into effect.

Who won?

Artillery...rather Missile Artillery will be the main warfighter for the Marine Corps.  Navy Air will dominate the wing and eventually replace it.  What will remain?  Marine Corps bands.  Token Infantry.  Token ACV.  

What wins is missiles, missiles, missiles.

I don't know what this new Marine Corps mission is.  They don't know.  It's no longer a ground gaining force.  It no longer seeks to be a force in readiness but no some fuzzy ass "stand in" force.

The Marine Corps we've known is dead.  What has been birthed is a mystery and we'll see how it performs in the unexpected combat of the future. 

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