Tuesday, April 27, 2021

LAR is dead. ACV is on the clock. The USMC's primary combat VEHICLE will be the JLTV.


It pains me to say this but the ACV is now on the clock.

Tanks was savaged. Ripped from the ranks of the Marine with no fanfare, no nod to its history, no thoughts to future needs and no consideration of US defense needs.

Infantry is slowing going away.  Even the wing is starting to realize that it is second fiddle to the new missile force headed our way.  LAR had hopes of a new ride but that's gone now and they're going away (don't believe for ONE SECOND that it will be ground based).

ACV is next.

Read his planning guidance.  There is no place in it for amphibious operations. Everything is anti-ship/sea battle focused.  Island Defense Battalion circa 2021, not amphibious assault that we've known for almost 100 years.

Two companies?

Berger will kill them and not think twice.

Mark my words.  Get your resumes together ACV.  You're about to suffer a reduction-in-force.

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