Friday, April 09, 2021

S. Korea rolls out their semi-stealth fighter. I'm impressed...


You've seen it by now cause its all over the net, but the S. Koreans have rolled out their semi-stealth fighter.

I'm impressed.

They've cracked the code and I fully expect a few nations to be a bit miffed.

Just saw a blogger from Finland try and pump up the F-35 and one of the talking points was (again) the electronic attack potential of the plane.  Once again he muddied the waters by failing to acknowledge that the EA potential comes from the AESA array.  Nothing unique.  Nothing fancy.  Just the same type radar that's flying on most fighters today.

If the S. Koreans can get this right, and get the price right then they have a world beater on their hands.

The F-35 had the field to itself for 20 plus years and still didn't deliver.  Now new contenders enter and I'm afraid that the US and (some) its allies will be flying to least advanced, most expensive and most maintenance airplane in the skies.

We have fallen far just cause we chased dreams instead of dealing with reality.

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