Saturday, April 24, 2021

Some details you just say NOPE!

First an explanation.

A detail is an extra job, usually security that LEOs in my area do for a bit of play money.  Most are 12 hr gigs and decent paying.

But all money ain't good money.

Once bitten twice shy.

Which brings me to Mudfest.

Got a HUGE rainstorm last night.  Bright, sunny and hot today.  No mudfest last year so we're looking at pent up demand.

I saw a rig this morning with 4 atvs on the back and a side by side.  I looked at a civilian in line with me at the convenience store, he looked at me and I said Mudfest.

His reply?

Yep.  I'm looking at the minimum of 4 broken collar bones, broken axles and major repair bill to the truck towing all that cause the idiot will probably put it in the mud too (looked like a 2018 Chevy Silverado with a 6 in lift).

Sounds tame?

Nope.  That's during daytime.

When night hits and those chics start flashing tits, the rednecks start showing off for the female they're trying to bed and that liquid courage kicks in after a full day of drinking and being 2 years old you have hell-a-coming.

There will be more fights, public intox etc that they have a mobile booking area setup to handle the load.

This is a detail you say NOPE to...500 dollars ain't worth it.

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