Thursday, April 01, 2021

The George Floyd case is simple. It's either one thing or the other but its real simple.

 I'm monitoring the George Floyd case (its playing in the background) and its alot of smoke and thunder and much emotion but it boils down to one thing or the other.

Either he died from the drugs he took or he died because of the knee to the neck (or a combination of the two) but its really that simple.

If drugs were the factor then Chauvin is innocent.

If the knee is the cause then Chauvin is guilty.

If he died because of both then that becomes an issue.

But complex?

This case ain't.

If I was a juror I'd want everyone to shut up and I'd read the coroner's report. After that then I'd watch the vid.  

Chauvin has one thing that will probably fry him though. Over 9min in any hold without gaining compliance?  That's where he's screwed.  I mean be serious.  Cuff the guy, shackle him and put him in the back of the car and have deputies waiting to help slam him into jail.

That's where the "indifference" part comes in (in my opinion).  At some point, the guy stops struggling and you have to get him cuffed, up, in the car and on his way.

To take that long dealing with a guy that's combative usually mean someone is getting shot.

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