Wednesday, April 21, 2021

They're playing up the tragedy of the 16 yr old being shot but that cop saved a life...


You wonder why their aren't pop up protest in Columbus?  You wonder why the family has chilled out?

You wonder why you haven't seen the usual suspects calling for action here?


That cop unfortunately had to take a life.  In this case the life of a 16 yr old girl. Its sad, but what's been unsaid is that LEO saved a life.  This is a good shoot.

My question.

Where were the adults.  Where were the community leaders.  Why was it left to a man in uniform to settle this dispute.

Oh and spare me this idiocy.

Pepper spray.  Taser.  Baton.  All that shit goes out the window when a deadly weapon is involved.  I'm going home.  Superman lives in comic books, not patrolling the streets of America. 

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