Monday, April 19, 2021

U.S. Marine Corps To Release Updated Force Design 2030 Report via Naval News.

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Major Joshua C. Benson, United States Marine Corps (U.S.M.C.), Director of Communication Strategy & Operations Deputy Commandant, Combat Development and Integration at Quantico, Virginia, replied to Naval News regarding these three questions:

Is the U.S.M.C. interested in lighter tanks such as the 105mm Mobile Protected Firepower light tank and the RCV-Medium and RCV-Heavy to replace the divested U.S.M.C. M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks? 

Is the U.S.M.C. interested in acquiring any of the new U.S. Army’s SHORADS [Short Range Air Defense] units? 

Will the towed 155mm M777s divested in Force Design 2030 be replaced with a wheeled howitzer? 

U.S.M.C. Major Benson answered via email:

“Some of the SME’s [Subject Matter Experts] responsible for your questions are at ANTX [Advanced Naval Technology Exercises] and there is a delay in getting responses.  As the Commandant [Marine Corp (CMC) General David Berger] has stated, the Marine Corps is interested in getting lighter, faster, more mobile and agile.   We are not seeking replacements for the armor we divested of. More information will be coming out shortly about our air defenses and the direction the Marine Corps is going with that.  Some information has been included in MLR [Marine Littoral Regiment] communication.  The Marine Corps is not pursuing an alternate to the M777.  As the CMC’s Force Design report stated, we are seeking options for long range precision fires and transitioning many of the artillery units to HIMARS.  In the coming days, the updated Force Design report will be released.”

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This updated Force Design is just a publicity stunt to double down on what they're doing.  We're hearing a FEW voices speak out but not enough to make Berger even pause.

He knows his plan is under INTERNAL pressure so he's trying to speed up the date of implementation.  From 2030 to a 2023 initial operational capability?  He's trying to get this done before he's out.

He will fail.

This plan is already adrift.  Too radical.  Too ambitious.  No real goals.  Just radical transformation.

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