Wednesday, April 14, 2021

With the move to "naval integration" what is the Marine Corps now?


The Marine Corps is making the move to "naval integration" and Littoral Regiments.

But what is the identity of the Marine Corps now?

Critics (and there will always be critics) claimed that the Marine Corps was a second land army.  I considered that complete and utter bullshit.

The Marine Corps WAS America's Force in Readiness.

Capable of flexing up and down the spectrum of warfare.  Whether it was a fight against the Soviet Bear or taking down insurgents in the Middle East, to responding to disasters in far off lands, the Marine Corps WAS able to meet the challenge.

Can you say that today?

We were one of the legs of America's forcible entry capability. Are we today?

We were called shock troops, devil dogs, and just plain devils because of ferocity.

We were once built upon the idea of every Marine a Rifleman.

Can you say any of that today?

The Headquarters Marine Corps is full speed ahead with their transformation but a HUGE problem (I'm betting both in retention and recruiting) is that the Marine Corps is/has lost its identity.

Is a missile force the right mission for the Marine Corps?  Does tossing away independence to fall back under the Navy make sense to the historic fight to gain independence?  Is too much being taken for granted, too little being debated and a rush to an uncertain future going too fast?

I think so.

Its past time for a real discussion on the future of the Marine Corps and a debate about where Berger is taking the organization (I'm talking about his "end state") to actually take place.

Leaders need to sack up and either explain this thing or others need to be courageous to ask the hard question in PUBLIC and not in corners of the O-club.

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