Sunday, May 09, 2021

...And the pundits/think tanks cheer Marine Corps over specialization...


Think tanks cheer.

Pundits cheer.

Meanwhile China is already beyond the Marine Corps maginot line. The modern day littoral (defense) regiments will face the same fate that the defense battalions faced in WW2.  They'll be bypassed when possible, ignored when convenient and blasted back to the stone age when they present a problem/tactical challenge.

Stealth, command/control and a small degree of mobility will not allow these units to survive in a peer conflict.

They will at best be a sideshow and at worst a horribly demoralizing factor. Can you imagine the national psyche when the Chinese are showing American Marines receiving medical aid, kept prisoner and the dead buried?

On a side note there is ONLY ONE way this plan works.

If the US initiates conflict then this could possibly work...but only for a short time (8 years max before the concept is undoubtedly abandoned).  I'm sure the Chinese are already working on ways to nullify this new formation.

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