Saturday, May 22, 2021

Canadian Army "Photo Of The Week"

Armoured vehicles from 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry playing as an Opposing Force (OPFOR) role into a simulated town during Ex MAPLE RESOLVE.

By pitting our soldiers against a capable, manoeuvrable OPFOR that is fighting to win, we create a training environment where soldiers learn to think critically about their orders and tactics.

Ya know what we haven't heard?  How a Marine Littoral Regiment would perform against an enemy force on the ground.

The turn toward "navalization" has been so extreme that the Marine Corps is focused solely on fighting the Navy's fight.

The idea of having to defend sea lanes instead of engaging in ground warfare is being sucked up in the fantasy that mobility and stealth will provide protection against all include enemy ground assaults.

Close combat is rapidly disappearing from the skill set possessed by the Marine Corps.

That I find so stunning.  HQMC is thinking of tracking subs but ignores the possibility of engaging in ground combat or God forbid conducting offensive operations.

SMMC said that the warrior mindset would remain.  How?  Missile slingers from the other services might have a warrior mindset but its totally different from what we've traditionally seen from US Marines.

My point?

Have an unscripted wargame.  Pit a Marine Littoral Regiment against a US Army Stryker or Armored Brigade and see how it turns out.  Add whatever air you want to BOTH SIDES and lets see if the MLR survives.  Correction.  Let's see how long it survives.

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