Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Latest iteration of M1 Abrams main battle tank wraps up testing at U.S. Army Cold Regions Test Center


Since testing at U.S. Army Cold Regions Test Center, the Department of Defense’s lone extreme cold natural environment testing facility, began in January 2020, the M1A2 System Enhancement Package version 3 main battle tank was driven more than 2,000 miles in rugged conditions across three seasons of sub-Arctic weather, fired hundreds of rounds for accuracy in extreme cold, and underwent testing of its auxiliary power unit.

Though the platform was extensively tested at U.S. Army Yuma Test Center prior to being put through its paces in Alaska, the sub-zero temperatures brought forth glitches that would have been unimaginable in the desert.

Interesting. The US Army is operating in every clime and place while the Marines are being relegated to ONE REGION, ONE FOE and EXTREME SPECIALIZATION.

This is the difference between an organization that is primed for the future and another that will be doomed to the dust heap of history, not because of its members, but because of misguided belief by leadership to predict the future. The reality? We're in the INTERWAR period between WW1 and WW2. 

Tech is advancing at such a pace that no one is quite sure what will be the winning formula. How many times have we seen "early adopters" end up with dead end products? Worse? Even if they were right the products that they bought was still born and a generation out of step because they rushed instead of waited? Read between the lines on that one!

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