Thursday, May 20, 2021

Marine Infantry looking for missions! They don't know which way the Infantry will go!

via Military Times.

The primacy of the Marine Corps infantry has so far stood the test of time, but the shift in focus to long range fires and a subordinate role to Navy maneuver may change that.

“Right now, the infantry is the centerpiece and ­artillery, aviation other capabilities support the infantry. Over time the artillery and infantry will be the centerpiece and the infantry will be the supporting arm,” retired Marine Col. Mark Cancian said.

If a generation of Marines move through the Corps with that dynamic, “the Marine Corps will become a long-range strike service … and the ethos of the infantry will no longer permeate the Marine Corps, the Marine Corps would look much more, frankly, like the Army,” he added.

Though the culture may change, the fighting spirit of the Corps will never be in doubt, according to Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Troy Black.

“The future fight will still require Marines to ‘first and foremost,’ have a “warfighting ethos that we literally locate, close with and destroy our enemy,” he told Marine Corps Times in February.

Wong said what he sees happening is the long-range fires community taking on some of the ethos of the infantry.

When Berger describes “how the Marine Corps is going to be this kind of raiding force that’s the stand in force, on your own, dispersed, there’s something about the infantry culture that’s there,” Wong said.

Whatever the impact on the culture may be, it still leaves the Corps looking for what missions the infantry can do.

“There’s a big re-evaluation going on and there are different factions with different ideas and who knows which direction it’s going to go in,” said B.A. Friedman, a military analyst who focuses on amphibious warfare. “They don’t know.”


They don't know.  

Drink that shit in.  

Marine Infantry is looking for missions?

How crazy is that!!!!

I know why 2023 is the deadline that Berger has put in place.  That's the year he leaves and the tribe is slowly waking up to his bullshit.

I've been raging about this thing but I think I can chill.  Other voices are starting to amp up.

Berger will go down as just another in a string of failed Commandants.  I've seen bad erratic  leaders.  But the amount of friction and confusion being foisted on the Marine Corps by the current guy in the big chair makes Amos look downright insightful.

The Marine Corps is going thru a "dark age".  We need a modern day General Gray to pull our chestnuts out the fire.

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