Monday, May 31, 2021

Memorial Day Debate...Do we need the return of unrestricted warfare?

 Sorry to bring this to your table on Memorial Day but I've been kicking this around in my brain cells while sipping on some Jack Daniel's Honey (good stuff you should check it out) on my day off (feel right this year) while nursing a kidney stone that had me puking my guts out yesterday.

What is the difference between WW1, WW2, to a certain extent the Korean War and every war since then?

The previous wars were all unrestricted.  The civilian population (in the form of areas of production for the war effort) were attacked without a second thought.

Civilians were brutalized in ways that we can hardly imagine today.

The wars were horrific.

Populations ravaged.

Entire countries destroyed.

But they had conclusions.  They altered the course of history because no one considered for a nano second the idea of winning hearts and minds.

It was all about killing people and breaking things.

In Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, CAR, N. Africa, Yemen etc...all you see is RESTRICTED warfare.  Pin point strikes against military targets are the call.  Populations are sometimes struck but that is by accident.

Those wars have dragged on.

They're inconclusive.

They're muddled messes.

Additionally the rise of the UN has brought into play the rise of the lawyer. If you think hesitation on the streets when it comes to law enforcement is a thing then consider the same happens on the battlefield...especially when it comes to fighting in built up areas (don't even wanna consider the issues fighting in a mega city.

Enough rambling.

I put it to you.  The problem with our way of war is that its too non-commital. If we're going to win in the future then we should embrace the idea of unrestricted warfare.  Quite honestly our enemies already are.  Consider the damage done by the hack of a pipeline.  People are already predicting the damage done if a power grid out west or on the east coast is taken down.

Our enemies are preparing to gut punch the US.  We should be preparing to return the favor.

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